Frequently Asked Questions



General Questions:

Q: I don't have very good credit. Will this be a problem?

A: In all likelihood your credit won't matter. You should still apply, as we generally base the application aproval on other factors.

Q: Are your interest rates outrageously high?

A: Not at all. We charge 15% on the first $100 and 10% after that. That is very competitive in the market, in that it's the same as everyone else charges.

Q: What are the default penalties?

A: An NSF fee of $15.

Q: Why are you pulling my credit if my bad credit isn't important?

A: It's still useful, just not very important. Also, we need to confirm your identity.

Q: How can I borrow again?

If you have the screen capture application still installed, then you can just submit an up to date screen capture containing the past 31 days of banking. We'll take it from there. Otherwise, fill out the application form again and we'll send you the screen capture installation information again.